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When It’s Time For A Mammogram, Should You Ask For 3D?

On April 28, 2019, NPR Morning Edition broadcast a piece highlighting the value of 3D mammograms. NPR also published a transcript on their website. PINK sees many of the same findings that are discussed in the article: 3D can finds more cancers earlier, when they are smaller, and we find using 3D results in fewer call-backs for further testing.

Since finding cancer earlier when it’s still small leads to a much better patient prognosis, and since call-backs can be very upsetting and disruptive, these are excellent results.

However, our experience does vary from this NPR report; PINK’s Siemens equipment usually requires less compression and a smaller radiation dosage than other equipment. The radiation dosage is listed on mammography images, so it is easy to compare the dosage used for 3D. Also, PINK routinely finds cancers using ultrasound that 3D mammography does not find, particularly for women with dense breasts, whereas NPR indicates that may not be the case. 

Click Here to read or listen to the NPR report.

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