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Patient Testimonials in Flemington & Paterson

  • “I had a terrible pelvic pain and had an Ultrasound at PINK Breast Center. Everybody was very pleasant and friendly. The doctor read my exam on time and gave me a report before I left the office. I had a great experience there. I highly recommend PINK Breast Center.”

    -Marcia C, Yardley, PA

  • “After 25 years of digital mammograms, finally a painless one. Yes, painless. And I have the densest tissue most doctors and radiologists have ever seen. When the doctor reviewed the PINK Breast Center films with me – on the spot, in person, no agonized waiting for that yea or nay report! – versus my prior films, the resolution was excellent. The doctor said that the newer equipment allowed for better films with less pressure. Wow – no kidding! My precious films were done in reputable centers in Livingston and Flemington. I’d give them 2-3 stars versus PINK Breast Center. I can only hope PINK Breast Center stays this good. And as long as they do, I’ll be back.”

    -M.M., Pittstown, NJ

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