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Did You Know Your Mammogram Is Fully Covered?

By Dr. Lisa Sheppard MD

ObamaCare requires all health plans to include many types of preventive care, at no out-of-pocket cost. These free services focus on wellness, early detection, and the prevention of bigger problems. All adults are entitled to 15 preventive services, and women are entitled to an additional 22 services.

These 22 include Mammograms, well-woman visits, counseling for domestic violence victims, domestic violence screenings, and contraception counseling & dispensing. These services are covered 100% by insurance without any cost sharing, which means no out-of-pocket payments, no waits to reach a deductible, and no copay or coinsurance requirements if your provider accepts your insurance plan.

Because co-pays or deductibles may be required for related services like breast ultrasounds, be wary; confirm that your provider has fair and reasonable prices for those services. Pink Breast Center accepts all insurance plans (we might be listed as Pink Breast Center or Personal Touch Radiology) and our billing specialists are always available to answer your questions about costs and coverage. Our fair and reasonable cash prices also apply if you do not have insurance.

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We have 2 NJ mammography clinics for your convenience:

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