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Is PINK Breast Center fully certified and accredited?

Do I need a prescription for my annual screening digital mammogram?

Is an annual digital mammogram really necessary?

Will I get my results the same day?

Does PINK Breast Center offer state-of-the-art equipment?

How does PINK generate 30% less radiation?

What makes PINK digital mammography comfortable?

Does PINK Breast Center offer 3D digital mammograms, also known as digital tomosynthesis?

When might the doctor recommend a breast ultrasound?

Are PINK Breast Center radiologists experienced with breast biopsies?

Are PINK Breast Center prices fair?

Do I have to wait in a public waiting room for my results?

Are parking and public transportation available?

Do I have to go and get my old films and records?

Does the PINK Breast Center offer anything but breast care?

Who will read my exam?

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Does PINK Breast Center accept walk-ins and same-day appointments?

Does PINK Breast Center have weekend and evening hours?

What is the privacy policy?

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