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Know a Child who is Impacted by a Parent’s Cancer? Camp Kesem May be the Answer.

Photo Courtesy of Camp Kesem

Support a child with Camp Kesem

For children whose parents have cancer, it can be a very trying time. The PINK team would like to help our patients’ families during their time of need – one suggestion is signing up your children for a very special camp.

Camp Kesem‘s mission is to provide fun, action-packed summers for those children, and the programs are ALL FREE! Campers experience a warm and loving environment with other kids who have similar life experiences.

The Kesem community provides the foundation for confidence building, improved communication skills, and an enhanced outlook on life.

Camp Kesem campers have rave reviews:

“I don’t have to pretend to be this kid who is ok. I can just be who I want to be.”

Parents are thrilled also:

“Camp Kesem is the only place where my child can share their experience of loss and grief with other kids who can relate to their feelings.”

Kesem’s driven by by passionate college students supporting children through and beyond their parents’ cancer. It’s a positive learning experience for not only the children, but the camp counselors too:

“These kids make me want to be a better person. Every time I go to wake them up, and every time I get a high-five from a little seven-year-old, I just want to be the person they think I am. I want to be that positive light – in the rest of my life and not just at Camp Kesem. I want to take the Camp Kesem spirit with me wherever I go.”

There are more than 100 camps throughout the country, including one in nearby Princeton, NJ.

To learn more about Camp Kesem visit their website or their Facebook page.  To get started with your application now, click here.

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