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  • Can Implants Cause Cancer?

    By pinkbreastcenter | 02 Jun 2017 | No Comments

    Breast implants remain incredibly popular, but have been associated with certain cancers. Breast implant procedures are the top cosmetic surgery

  • A Carton of Lemons offers a Simple Lesson on Breast Cancer

    By pinkbreastcenter | 14 Feb 2017 | No Comments

    I recently saw this picture posted on Facebook: It is from the campaign Know Your Lemons. Each lemon’s appearance

  • Everything You Need to Know About a 3D Mammogram

    By pinkbreastcenter | 06 Feb 2017 | No Comments

    About 12 percent of all American women will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in their life. Early detection is

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    10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

    By pinkbreastcenter | 11 Aug 2016 | No Comments

    Living a healthy lifestyle may be able to reduce the risk of breast cancer significantly. Here are 10 things you

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