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  • Understanding Women’s Health Insurance Coverage

    By pinkbreastcenter | 22 Jan 2018 | No Comments

    Health insurance coverage is a critical factor in making health care affordable and accessible for women. Although a majority of

  • Straight talk About Breast Cancer

    By pinkbreastcenter | 07 Jan 2018 | No Comments

    By Dr. Lisa Sheppard, MD Breast cancer affects more than 240,000 women each year, and results in about 30,000 deaths.

  • New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines May Kill You

    By pinkbreastcenter | 03 Jan 2018 | No Comments

    The American Cancer Society says that 25 percent of women who die from breast cancer were diagnosed in their 40s.

  • My Relative has Breast Cancer – Am I at Risk?

    By pinkbreastcenter | 27 Dec 2017 | No Comments

    By Dr. Lisa Sheppard MD That is a very interesting question and one that I am asked often. Women are

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