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  • Everything Doctors Want Patients to Know About Breast Biopsy Procedures

    By pinkbreastcenter | 20 May 2019 | No Comments

      The words breast biopsy procedure may sound scary to some women, but they really don’t have to. Thanks to advances in medical

  • 8 Simple Breast Health Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

    By pinkbreastcenter | 15 May 2019 | No Comments

    Up to 12 percent of women are expected to get breast cancer at some point during their lifetime.  Therefore, there is a

  • When It’s Time For A Mammogram, Should You Ask For 3D?

    By pinkbreastcenter | 08 May 2019 | No Comments

    On April 28, 2019, NPR Morning Edition broadcast a piece highlighting the value of 3D mammograms. NPR also published a

  • 8 Things to Expect When You Go in For Your First Mammogram

    By pinkbreastcenter | 30 Apr 2019 | No Comments

    Since 1990, mammography has helped to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer in the U.S. by approximately 40 percent.

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