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3D Digital Mammogram Services in Paterson and Flemington, NJ

3D Mammogram ServicesWhen breast cancer is detected in its early stages, it is highly treatable. All women between the ages of 35 and 40 should receive a baseline mammogram, and then after age 40, they should get one every 12 months. Most insurance plans, as well as Medicare, cover the complete cost of a mammogram without a copay, and many insurance plans also cover the cost of breast ultrasounds for women who have denser breast tissue.

Why PINK Mammography?

PINK mammography offers women significant benefits over standard mammography options. Women who choose a PINK mammography for their yearly exam are exposed to lower radiation levels than traditional methods, up to a 30 percent reduction according to research conducted by Siemens. Even though less radiation is required, images collected by PINK are crystal clear and able to detect tissue irregularities when they are still small. Moreover, the PINK mammography equipment uses less compression during the procedure, so it is more comfortable, as well.

Better Technology for Better Results

Breast cancer affects one out of eight women in the United States, and is the second most common form of the disease after skin cancer. Traditional mammograms collect X-ray images of the tissue that are recorded on film, and then examined by a doctor. More recently, however, digital mammograms can collect the X-ray images and store them in a computer. The computer can then analyze the images to detect any problems in the tissue.

A recent study published by the New England Journal of Medicine found that the digital mammogram technology did a better job of detecting cancerous cells for women under 50 years of age, women with dense breast tissue, women who have not yet entered menopause, and women who have been in menopause for less than one year.

Benefits of a 3D Mammogram

3D Mammography Tomosynthesis3D mammograms are particularly effective for women with dense breast tissue and those with a high risk of developing breast cancer. This new technology was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2011 for regular breast cancer screenings. While traditional mammogram procedures collect two images of the breast tissue—one horizontal and one vertical—3D mammograms collect multiple images from many angles, which creates a 3D image of the breast. This gives radiologists a view of the breast tissue in one-millimeter slices, which leads to fewer false positives and false negative diagnoses.

At PINK Breast Center, we offer women peace of mind with state-of-the-art equipment and technology that can help detect any problems early to better protect their health and well-being. All of our radiologists specialize in the mammogram field—they are not general radiologists, and they are passionate and dedicated to creating a comfortable atmosphere for your during your procedure.  If you are due for your first or yearly mammogram Contact Paterson or Flemington today to schedule your appointment!

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